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April - May

  1. Community Lunch
  2. Film Show

June - July

  1. Field Trip
  2. Vana Mahotsav – (First week)
  3. Student Council Investiture Ceremony
  4. Wild Life week
  5. Investiture Ceremony of Cub & Bulbul
  6. Film Show


  1. Health Check-up (Round 1)
  2. Educational Excursion and Community Lunch
  3. Celebration of Raksha  Bandan
  4. Independence Day Celebration
  5. Friendship Day
  6. Film Show


  1. Teachers Day
  2. Book Exhibition (World Literacy Day) – 8th Sep
  3. Hindi Pakhwada
  4. Film Show


  1. Gandhi Jayanthi
  2. World Food Day
  3. World Hand washing Day
  4. Mini Sports Meet
  5. Grandparents Day
  6. Film Show


  1. Children’s Day
  2. Community Lunch
  3. Diwali Celebrations
  4. Film Show


  1. KVS Foundation Day
  2. Handicrafts week (Second week)
  3. Mathematics Day – 22nd Dec
  4. Christmas Celebrations
  5. Film Show


  1. Health Checkup – Round 2
  2. Republic Day Celebration
  3. Film Show


  1. Thinking Day Celebration / Cub & Bulbul Utsav – 22nd
  2. Science Day Celebration – 28th
  3. Film Show






SESSION: 2018-19

"If you don't know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else.”




Admission process begins for First class on

1st March 2018

PTA Meeting for parents of class I students. Welcome programme for class I.

20th April, 2018

Welcoming and beginning of new academic session

1st  April, 2018

Distribution of Time-table class-wise and teacher-wise, CCA calendar

31st March, 2018

Notification of various committees

25th to 31st March , 2018

School  Readiness Programme for class I

April  to May 2018

Vidyalaya level CMP meeting for CMP planning, CMP activities begin

1st to 7th April ,2018

Re-registration and new registration of Cubs-Bulbuls and unit/pack formation and allotment of duties

1st  to  15th April, 2018

Class-wise meeting with parents of classes II to V(every Saturday except second)


Identification of low achievers as per Annual Exam-2017 and preparation of class-wise and subject-wise remedial action plan


"Strategy is choosing what not to do"

Awarding Homework and assignments for First term and uploading Home assignments in KV website

1st to 15th May ,2018

Notebook  submission and Sub-enrichment of I Term for classes III-V at Vidyalaya level

1st April to 31st Aug 2018

Distribution of Student diaries ,Teachers diary & Identity cards

1st week of April, 2018

Distribution of split-up-syllabus class-wise/subject-wise

1st to 15th April, 2018

House Distribution, House meeting, Selection of Student Council Members

April 2018

Vidylaya level CCA activities to begin and identification of students for various activities

April 2018

Collection of Fee for the first quarter(April to June 2018)

1st to 15th April ,2018

Collection of articles for Vidyalaya Patrika

April to June 2018

Summer Vacation

12th May to 20th June 2018

Collection of Fee for the second quarter(July to Sept 2018)

1st to 15th July 2018

Investiture ceremony of Cubs and Bulbuls and Pravesh

July 2018

Investiture Ceremony for Students Council Members

July 2018

CCE for class I – II

July 2018


"The difference between Possible and Impossible lies in the Determination"

Publication of vidyalaya Patrika for the previous academic session

Before 31st July 2018

Science and social science exhibition at Vidyalaya level

July 2018

PERIODICAL TEST- 1 for classes III – V at Vidyalaya level

1ST week of August  2018

Completion of result of PT-1 and issue of progress cards to parents and obtaining the signature on the progress card(open day)

Before 31st August 2018

Educational excursion

August 2018

Identification of Bright, Average and weak students and remedial teaching work starts

August 2018

Health checkup for students

First week of August 2018

Celebration of Independence Day

15th August, 2018

CCE for Class I-II


Revision for Half Yearly Exam

3rd  to 4th week of Sept,2018

Teachers Day

5th Sept,2018


"Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance"

CCE for class I-II


Hindi Pakhwada

14-28 Sept,2018

Completion of I term for classes III-V

30th Sept,2018

Half Yearly Exam for classes III-V at vidyalaya level

1st  week of  Oct,2018

Gandhi Jayanti

2nd Oct,2018

Result completion, issue of progress cards for I term, Parent signature(open day)

3rd week of  Oct,2018

Result analysis and review of progress of slow, average and bright students

3rd week of Oct,2018

Mini sports meet (Vidyalaya level)


Testing of  PrathamCharan/KomalPankh of Cubs and Bulbuls 


World hand washing Day


Grand Parents day


CCE for class I-II


Collection of fee for the third quarter(Oct to Dec 2018)

1st to 15th Oct,2018

Awarding projects/assignments for the second term

3rd week of Oct,2018

Notebook  submission and Sub-enrichment of II Term for classes III-V at Vidyalaya level

1st Oct 2017 to 28th Feb,2018

Autumn break(Pooja holidays)

13-10-2018 to 22-10-2018

Celebration of Vigilance week

Before 31st Oct,2018

National Educational Day

11th Nov,2018


“Today’s Preparation means tomorrow's Achievement”

Bal Divas and cluster level CMP activities for primary children

14th Nov,2018

Service/Swachathha projects to be completed


Testing of Tritiya Charan/SwarnPankh of Cubs and Bulbuls


CCE for class I-II


KVS Foundation day

15th Dec,2018

CCE for class I-II


Parents Teachers Meeting


Annual Sports Day

Before Dec,2018

Winter Break

23-12-2018 TO 11-01-2019

PERIODICAL TEST- 2 for classes III-V

1st week of Jan,2019




Health checkup for students(II round)


Testing of Dwitiya charan/RajatPankh of Cubs and Bulbuls

Last week of Jan,2019

Republic Day celebration

26th Jan,2019

CCE for class I-II


Collection of fee for fourth quarter(Jan to March 2019)

1st Jan to 15th Jan,2019

Syllabus- to be complete, Notebook  submission and Sub-enrichment activities to be complete, Grading for Co-scholastics to be complete

Before 15th Feb,2019

Revision work for SEE

15th to 28th Feb,2019

Cub Bulbul Utsav/Thinking Day

22nd Feb,2019

Session Ending Exam

March, 2019

Announcement/Declaration of final result

March, 2019

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